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The Shaping of the Celestial Spheres


And one may hear
The music of the spheres
A sound like no other
Heard only in the
Purest of



Inspired by SuicideBySafetyPin and others, resulting in a huge set of fractals and, most notably, "the most tweakable params ever!" Ahh, good memories.



Fractal Resources

The world of fractals is a vast place full of beauty and potential. Here are some resources originating from around the fractal community which might prove helpful, ranging from software so you can get started, to fractal tutorials & techniques. I will be adding more links to this section soon.

Fractal Art: How We Grew Up


The Aposhack Chat:…
The Aposhack Group:

Stop in to the Aposhack chat anytime! The fractal community here on DeviantArt is extremely supportive. Many members are both open to questions and freely give advice, instruction and feedback. There are dozens of additional fractal groups, too.

Software Downloads

Apophysis 2.09:…
Apophysis 7x16:…

Apophysis is a great fractal flame editor. You can make fractals in Apophysis and then render them to images. Many versions have been released over the years. You can start in the latest version, but if you’re new to fractals, my humble advice is to spend a little time playing around with 2.09 first as it’s very responsive to beginners. There are base plugins, but why not have more? :D You can use the Aposhack Plugin Pack or the Beginner's Plugin Pack, both below. PC support.


Another awesome fractal flame editor which renders your fractal as you work and has many advantageous tools and settings. Users of Apophysis can easily learn Chaotica. Multiple antialiasing settings allow for crisp, pixel-dense, beautiful fractals at landmark rendering speeds, and a Shader tool creates variations in color from the current gradient for really neat effects. You can even paste many Apophysis parameters directly into Chaotica! Do note that Chaotica does not currently support 3D, but you can still produce some 3D-like effects. Most plugins are preloaded but you can add more if you like. PC, Mac and Linux support.

Mandelbulb 1.9.0:…
Mandelbulb is a unique fractal program that focuses on three-dimensional structures. PC (and Linux, I believe.)

Mandelbulb 3d for Mac:…

There are yet others out there like JWildfire and FracFX, which has a strong following in Facebook groups.


Fractal Resources Group: fractal-resources.deviantart.c…

The Aposhack Plugin Pack:…

Beginner's Plugin Pack:…

If using Apophysis, load the Beginner's Plugin Pack into a Plugins folder within the Apophysis directory. (Hint: you will need to create a new folder in the Apophysis directory and name it Plugins.) You can then add individual plugins as needed from the Aposhack Plugin Pack. Don't add all of the Aposhack Plugin Pack at once, or Apophysis may not load. Apophysis can only "see" about 100 plugins at once, and the more plugins you have active, the slower Apophysis will run.

(I will add some recommendations soon here on common plugins that folks add, like flux, the glynns, etc.)

:iconzy0rg: zy0rg's plugins: (The Blur package is especialy useful)…

Latest Mandebulb formulas (1.91):…

Tools and Stuff


Chaoshelper is an app used in tandem with Chaotica that allows you to work with gradients more effectively. Copy your Chaotica xml, paste into Chaoshelper, choose a gradient pack and gradient, edit if you wish, copy again and paste back into Chaotica. Easy!


Apomap allows you to create your own gradients. When finished, simply copy-paste the gradient into Apo, go into the Gradient Editor, and save to a new .ugr file!


Fantastic and Formative Fractal Tutorials

Tutorials by :iconc-91: C-91…
Tutorials by :icontatasz: tatasz…
Tutorials and Resources by :iconchaosfissure: ChaosFissure

If you're starting for the very first time, try Spherical Plants!…

With a little practice, fractaling can become a really cool and intuitive process, and it's very, very rewarding. You can discover new things just by having fun and experimenting. Eventually the numbers become abstracted and it's just like playing with clouds or smoke, or marbleizing paint; you just happen to be using the software as a medium as opposed to paint, etc. And save often! I often revisit my works-in-progress and make entirely new fractals later.



katdesignstudio's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Hi! My name is Kat. Please feel free to browse my gallery by clicking the "Gallery" tab on top of this page. My graphic design portfolio can be found here:…

I am a designer and artist of various media; I enjoy being a hybrid. I love bringing dreams and visions to life. I believe art and design should be a shared, collaborative process and should benefit the human consciousness. I always promised myself to hold on to the innate creativity we all possess. As such, may you always keep your sense of childlike wonder. I cannot thank you enough for stopping by! May you see beauty in everything, and may you bring your dreams to life.

I am one of many artists belonging to Gallery Z in the city of Lowell, Massachusetts, where you can see some of my fractal work printed up large on canvas. I am also a member of the Arts League of Lowell.

You can also find me on SoundCloud as chromaluna.

Design Work & Commissions


As a freelance designer, I am always accepting new clients and projects! I offer reasonable pricing for work such as (but not limited to) logos, magazines, brochures, flyers and web graphics, as well as fractal art, digital art and traditional art. I will always seek out the most innovative, creative, efficient design or marketing solution for you, and I use industry-approved Adobe Creative Suite software, updated with the latest Creative Cloud edition. Feel free to contact me at with a brief description of your design needs and I will be happy to help you out!

When your project is complete, payment may be sent to

Note: I frequently offer discounted or free work for educational organizations or awareness organizations/causes. Volunteer work? Yes, please!

I am also open for painting commissions. More details here.

The Workshop of Random

Stuff I'm working on, items that are currently rendering, or random progress! Not all my creativity makes the cut into my gallery, and here you can see a little bit more of my creative process. I am also not responsible for any rampant chaos resultant of unbound or newly discovered metaphysical energy sources. ;)

Currently Rendering: "The Great Divide"

The Great Divide by katdesignstudio

Progress and Ponderings:

Resonant by katdesignstudio Mecha by katdesignstudio Archae by katdesignstudio Crawl by katdesignstudio Pressed Flowers by katdesignstudio Ember Dragon by katdesignstudio Aughra's Observatory by katdesignstudio Dark Divination - preview by katdesignstudio Rune Dance - Original Preview by katdesignstudio Currants by katdesignstudio Prismatic Vortice Matrix - Preview by katdesignstudio White Couatl Blue - Preview by katdesignstudio Inkmarble - Preview by katdesignstudio


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Regarding Copyright

All items in my gallery and subfolders are ©2016-2026 katdesignstudio, all rights reserved. Exceptions are items specifically created for or used by clients/organizations (as listed in the Description), and anything in the Stock and Resources folder. Stock is free for download if you link back to my gallery, and some currently listed under Creative Commons may be added to my Stock folder or have their licenses updated for limited reuse, so please stay tuned. Overall, I just ask that you have respect for the time, forethought and craft that goes into my works as I am in the process of a massive gallery update of over 1000 pieces. Friends that have downloaded in the past can naturally still keep stuff :) Thank you for your understanding!


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